Cabinets! and other updates

We have cabinets!  Well, they are currently sitting in cardboard boxes in our dining area, but they are set to be installed on Monday.  By Wednesday evening, we should have cabinets in the kitchen and the two upstairs bathrooms.

We’ve also received almost all of our light fixtures and all of our ceiling fans.  So far Matt has installed three ceiling fans (including the one 16 ft or so off the ground) and one light fixture.

Approximately 75% of the house is painted now.  All we need to do corners and edges in the high places (although that will probably require the rental of a scissor lift – we will not be repainting anytime soon!) and some work in the bedrooms.

I also have been cleaning up a great deal, and mopping the floors.  The floors are amazingly dirty.  Between drywall dust and the acculumated dust, mud, and construction debris from the past almost year and a half, the floors are incredibly filthy.  I am consoling myself with the thought that at least the floors should never be quite this dirty again!

We’re also talking to some people about doing some tile work in all of the bathrooms.  We had thought about doing the tile ourselves, but given how long this project is taking it is time to sub this out.  We’re also somewhat concerned about our ability to create a good, water-tight pan for the two showers without tubs and we’ve received a very good recommendation for a local tile contractor.  Now we just have to figure out how to pay for it…