A Week and a Half in Pictures

Here are the pictoral highlights of our moving and settling in process. More commentary will come, but pictures tell the story pretty well.

Last shot of the kids at the door
A last shot of the kids at the door of our old place.

26 foot moving truck
We used a 26 foot moving truck to move everything.

A full moving truck
We had that sucker crammed really full, too.

The morning after our first night
Since we didn’t get up there till almost midnight, we just threw down some blankets on the floor of my unifinished workshop and spent the night there. Gregory is still underneath the blue blanket and Emma’s in her sleeping bag.

Gregory exploring the property
Gregory, beginning his exploration of the property.

Sorting tent poles
Sorting tent poles so that we can setup the big tent.

A happy boy
A happy boy waving to the camera.

A tired girl
Emma was so tired, she fell asleep in her chair.

The beginnings of our kitchen and dining room
The beginnings of our kitchen and dining room.

Starting to take shape more
Starting to take shape more. We’re using one of my work benches as a table/storage area and the barbecue has been moved down. The boxes are a key decorating accessory.

Sleeping quarters
Emma sleeps in the small tent and Gregory, Amber and I are in the big one. The carpets/rugs in between let us go from one to the other without putting on shoes or getting socks dirty.

Bed platform
We really wanted to get the tent up so that we had more space so we ended up pitching it on a bit of a slope. After two nights of having people roll into me, I built a platform to level out the space for our bed.

Play area
We’ve added some of the kids toys and shelves opposite the big tent to make this more of a play area for them.

Kitchen and dining area all decked out
This is how the kitchen and dining area are now. Notice the big 5 gallon bucket on the bench? That’s from our wine-making kit and has a spout on the bottom. I fill it (and the sun shower) at the well every evening so that we have water.

Cornbread baked in a barbecue
The remains of the cornbread that my incredible wife made last night and baked in the barbecue!