Electric Tile Pick and Wash

I layed out all of our slate tiles this morning and sorted them by good for the floor (relatively even and standard thickness) and better for the wall (not). Then I pulled out the romex that was going through the conduit for the island future and replaced it with metal-clad as I don’t think it’s code to run bare romex through conduit like that.

After lunch (and after finishing emptying our storage unit) Amber and I selected the lucky tiles to make up the floor under our woodstove. We arranged them all on the space we’d prepared and I cut one (3 full rows and one half-ish row) to see how that would go. All I have to say is that a diamond blade on a 4 1/2 angle grinder seems like it’ll cut pretty much anything.

After dinner, I finished cutting the remaining tiles, read up on the procedure for setting them, and then washed and dried them and labeled them for future placement.