Information Online

I received a Fine Homebuilding GREEN eLetter (newsletter) yesterday and it led me to Fernando Page Ruiz’s blog and from there to the Partnership for Advanced Technology in Housing (PATH) website.

This site led me off to lots of wonderful information including:

It’s absolutely incredible the amount of information that’s available online. I can’t imagine trying to do this project at a time before this ready access to information.

Plan Progress Update

We got the final construction drawings from SHS last week which include the final floor plan, elevations and electrical plan. We then moved into Engineering and Energy calculations. We got the Energy calcs back on Friday and barring a couple questions I have those are complete.

I exchanged some emails with the engineer who’s doing the work to see what kind of beams we’ll need and make sure the structure won’t fall down and that’s moving along well. I suspect that in the next week or so (definitely by mid-April) we’ll be ready to submit our plans to the county and start the permit process.

Very exciting stuff.

A new blog for the house

In the coming months, I suspect that the primary thing that Amber and I will have to blog about will be the house that we’ll be building. With that in mind, we’ve setup this new blog where we can both contribute and add info to keep an interested world apprised of our progress.