Drywall update

The drywall, taping and mudding, and texturing are now complete!  The house looks great – so much brighter and more like a home than a construction site.

We’ve started painting the ceilings and some of the rooms, and today Matt installed our first light fixture.   It seems like such a little thing, but when I think of all it took to get to the point where we could install a finish light fixture, it seems like a very big thing indeed!

One thought on “Drywall update

  1. Oh, guys! GORGEOUS! And you’ve come so far! And done so well! I love the outside colors – the main color looks very cedar-y. It blends beautifully w/ the landscape. And that first light fixture. Feels so “normal” doesn’t it? Not new normal, or temporary normal, just normal. And home. YAY YOU GUYS!

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