Change Log 06.16.09

I’m not sure if anyone is still reading this, but anyways…

We have hot water now!  Our propane tank is all hooked up and the hot water heater works.  This was particularly welcome because I spent part of the afternoon pulling up poison oak with my bare hands.  I was able to wash up with warm water rather than frigid, fresh from the well groundwater – a vast improvement.  And yes, I know, this was not so bright of me, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.  No rash so far, thankfully.

Other changes – I oiled the end of the counters with mineral oil and finished marking the knob locations for the kitchen cabinets.  

2 thoughts on “Change Log 06.16.09

  1. I’m reading it!!!! I guess my only question is why were you pulling up poison oak with your bare hands??

    I’m so impressed with all you and Matt have done. You both should be very proud of everything you’ve done! We’re certainly very proud of you both!

  2. Amber, I can’t believe you can pull up poison oak with your bare hands and not get a rash! Although I recently did battle with poison ivy, and even though I know quite a bit of it brushed my arms above my gloves, I only got the tiniest pink spot, and it barely itches… so maybe some of us react less to these things than my Mom does. 🙂 She has a bad history with poison oak.

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