Electrical week

My brother is flying home to Alaska today after a very busy and productive week of electrical work.

The panel is fully wired and we have homeruns going out to at least the first box for each circuit. Not all circuits are fully wired but I feel confident to be able to take over circuit wiring and finish it off.

There are 4 lights in the house now, 2 downstairs and 2 up. I wired 3 of them (one of which was on a 3-way switch) and it’s very nice to have lights that don’t take up precious plugs in the extension cords.

We have run many hundreds of feet of wire and drilled many holes in studs. One of the downsides of having cathedral ceilings is that you have to run a lot more wire in the walls because you don’t have an attic space to go up and down into. Also, since we have some exposed subfloor below, we have to be careful in our measurements on where to drill from the top down to bring wires up from below.

I’ve wired up a second plug in the house so that we have power upstairs as well as down without having to run an extension cord. Later today I plan to run circuits out to the rooms where we haven’t finished wiring yet so that we at least have loops at all the plugs and lights even if they’re not made up.

I’ll write up a future post about the actual wiring itself – stud walls vs SIP walls and what we’ve done to make the wiring job easier.