Change Log 05.18.09 – 05.25.09

Change Log for Monday, May 18th through Monday, May 25th

I was visiting family for the better part of last week, and Matt was quite busy with work, so not all that much got done until the weekend.  However, the tile guys finished the downstairs bath and it looks great.  One of these days I will actually remember the camera and I’ll post some pictures.  The tile guys are now done with all three bathrooms and we hope to have them back shortly after we move in (and scrounge up the money) so they can do a backsplash in the kitchen for us.

Over the weekend we did quite a bit – well, Matt did most of it, really, I did a lot of work outside.  Here’s a summary of what I can remember.  Oh, and the move-in list has been updated too.

  • Picked up and installed the counter for the kids’ bath
  • Cut and installed a”temporary” counter for the master bath, put one coat of sealer on the counter
  • Installed the sinks in the kids’ bath
  • Installed the rest of the newel posts and the majority of the bannister and balusters.  There is just one little section to go on the railing! 
  • I touched up the paint and scrubbed the downstairs bath, and Matt laid the linoleum.  It looks good, but he’s ready to hire the rest of this job out (yippee!)
  • I finished sorting and moving the rest of the scrap pile
  • Matt installed the underlayment in the master bath
  • I installed one of the exterior plugs, then realized that the remaining two GFIs I need must have been used somewhere else in the house.  Back to the electrical store for me tomorrow…
  • Matt worked on the oak flooring on the landing