Change Log 05.13.09 – 05.17.09

Change Log for Wednesday, May 13th – Sunday, May 17th, 2009

Well, so much for keeping on top of this!

Over the past couple days I cleaned, tidied, and vacuumed upstairs to get ready to lay more flooring.  We received the underlay for the bathrooms, and found that our linoleum flooring may require heat welding to do the seams.  (yikes!)  I drilled holes for the dowels in 73 balusters.  I ordered the rest of the plumbing fixtures.  I contacted a person who does stairs, and had him out to give us a quote for finishing up the stairs. I contacted the propane company and gave them the go ahead to set the tank and hook it all up.

Matt primarily worked on the railing upstairs, but also spent a little time today and yesterday knocking a few things off the list.  I’ve updated the move-in list if anyone else is keeping track.

One thought on “Change Log 05.13.09 – 05.17.09

  1. Sounds like it’s all coming together. It’s slower going near the end, isn’t it? I think you’re at the point we were at when I told Zorak that it was actually quite tempting to just buy a case of liquid nails and bulk duct tape to finish up anything that still needed laying/nailing/setting. That’s also the point at which he demoted me from supervising projects. 😉

    Hang in there!!

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