Change Log 05.29.09 – 06.04.09

Change Log for Friday, May 29th through Thursday, June 4th

I did a lot of cleaning up and organizing on Friday and through the weekend to prepare for having someone out to measure for our linoleum install.  I also bought paint and I am working on painting the kids’ bath before the linoleum is laid down (currently scheduled for the 15th).  I’ve put down a deposit and ordered the rest of our appliances (range, hood and dishwasher) and our kitchen countertop.  I’ve ordered five more doors (pantry, utility door and pocket door, master bath, toilet area door for the kids’ bath). I’ve picked out the flooring for the bedrooms upstairs and for the open area and away room downstairs. 

Over the weekend Matt worked on some of the window trim, installed the venting grates for the freezer, hung the door for the kids’ bath, and worked on the underlay for the kids’ bath.  

We also had a plumber come out for the day on Tuesday and he installed all the shower hardware and the hot water heater.  We’re supposed to get our propane tank installed next week, so we should have hot water soon.

FYI – I updated the Move-In List.