Change Log 06.09.09 – 06.15.09

We’re really making some headway on our list these days!  Over the past week we did a lot of cleaning up and we got ready for our flooring installation today.  We also had the propane tank set today and our kitchen counters were delivered.

I installed plugs in Matt’s office and finally put a switch plate on the light switch in the storage area.  I finished up the electrical outlets outside.  I also finished painting the kids’ bath, fixed some drywall in there, and did some painting in the master bath.  I started measuring the cabinets for knobs, but didn’t finish that yet. I spent a lot of time with the shop-vac and cleaned up a lot of dust and sawdust.

Matt installed the pedestal sink and faucet, nailed down the underlay in the upstairs bathroom, worked on the oak flooring upstairs, built a platform for the island future in the kitchen, and did a lot of picking up and putting tools and such away.

As you can see from the move-in checklist, we’re making a lot of progress! This week we should be getting our appliances, our propane hooked-up, and possibly five more doors.  Once we have the appliances, Matt will be able to get those in place and then get the counters installed.  Yay!