Upstairs Railing and Flooring

The last 2 foot stretch of railing is complete upstairs. On Saturday I laid the oak flooring we needed (yes, it does take pretty much all day to lay about 16 square feet of recycled 2-1/4 oak flooring) and today I got the railing up then started work on finishing the kitchen light install and our temporary deck railing infill (it’ll make more sense with a picture).

While I was working on the floor on Saturday, Amber finished the laminate flooring in the boy’s room (yes, she laid half about 40 square feet in less time than it took me to do 16). Amber’s also been working on bundling some of our leftover oak flooring so that we can get the master cleaned and get laminate flooring down there.

The move-in list has been updated and it really does look like we’re getting close!

One thought on “Upstairs Railing and Flooring

  1. Hi guys! Just scrolled through and got all caught up. Beautiful job on the kitchen install!! Wow! Love the kids’ bath, and the flooring all over the place. (Flooring is much more fun to enjoy than to install, isn’t it?)

    Happy enjoying! You’re in the home stretch, now!

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