Electrical Eccentricities

Completed in the last week or so:

  • Ceiling fan box in the open area
  • Electrical box for the track lights in the open area.
  • Wall heater in the downstairs bathroom
  • Ceiling fan box in the first bedroom (only the master left!)
  • Scaffolding taken down (no longer needed! (until we install the ceiling fan…))
  • Can lights installed in hall downstairs.
  • Can lights wired in hall downstairs.
  • Switches and light bulbs installed for can lights in hall downstairs.
  • Now can turn on/off lights from the doorway
  • Cut lumber and installed block for ceiling fan in dormer of 3rd bedroom – drywall screws and subfloor glue.
  • Started to cut lumber for block for ceiling fan in dormer of 2nd bedroom.
  • Cut wood and installed supporting member for one of two light fixtures in kid’s bathroom.
  • Started installing box for light for above.
  • Cut holes in exterior walls and ran wiring for outside plugs (3 of them). Caulked holes to keep insects and weather out.
  • Moved receptacle for freezer to be 38″ off floor so that it is visible when the freezer is closed.

We bought a chest freezer a few years ago and it’s been wonderful. When we were designing our house, we created a special space just for the freezer in the utility room. Last weekend, we lost power for a few hours. Up here, it’s entirely possible to lose power for hours to days during the winter storms. During the brief weekend outage, we realized that it’ll be a lot easier to run the freezer off our generator if the plug is accessible. Now, we will be able to unplug the freezer and plug it into an extension cord going out to the generator without having to unload the freezer and move it away from the wall.

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